The Primetime Cruise is the one and only boat in the beautiful Bosphorus of Istanbul, that is designed to accommodate corporate meetings, events and parties. The Primetime Cruise enables you to carry your meetings, launch events, wedding parties, dinners and exclusive tours, to the amazing shores of Istanbul and Bosphorus.

The Primetime Cruise offers a venue that can accommodate a variety of events, a ballroom and a restaurant, wide decks, built in bars, reception desk, game room, massage room, a shop and the technical and sound equipment you may need for your business meetings and events. At The Primetime guests can attend to a meeting in the ballroom and enjoy their lunch at the restaurant and have their cocktail in the deck, while gazing the unique scenery of the Bosphorus and Istanbul.

The Primetime Cruise presents the unique atmosphere of the Bosphorus for your wedding parties, and can assist you with your event’s details such as catering, decoration, and music.

We look forward to having you at The Primetime Cruise and to making your experience memorable.